Pageflakes down Mon 14th March

We have a new participant in FO2011 overnight, Audrey Campbell, plus I noticed Sarah’s link to my first Pageflakes blog post when I created the FO2011 “pagecast”.  Went to add Audrey’s blog, but my browser complained it could not connect to my pageflakes page, and when I tried, I got the same response.  Looks like their server maybe quite poorly.  If it doesn’t recover, we’ll have to think of some other way of aggregating our blogs and other resources in one place, if people think that would be helpful. Google sites is one freebie, and there’s also GroupSpaces.  Any other suggestions will be gladly welcomed.

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10 Responses to Pageflakes down Mon 14th March

  1. Clarissa says:

    Hi Chris,

    Yes I went back to see if there were any updates. . .and it was “constipated” 😦

    Seemed less daunting to go to one place rather than get inbox overload or have to remember to check everywhere.

    No advice sorry as that was my first sneak preview of one in action. Maybe other participants? Good luck!

  2. Chris Woodhouse says:

    Hi Clarissa.
    I like the term “constipated” 🙂 – very descriptive.
    As of 10:00 GMT Tue 15th, it’s still unreachable.

  3. lee says:

    I haven’t been able to access it for a few days either…

  4. lee says:

    I’ve started collating RSS feeds here

    I’ll add twitter feed soon


    • Chris Woodhouse says:

      Thanks Lee. Looks like an interesting resource, so I’ve signed up for an account. Have you been using it for long? And are you going to tonight’s late FO2011 meeting?

      • lee says:

        I like it because the tags are extracted from rss feeds and twitter stream but it might be too busy for fo2011 purposes. For personal use it’s excellent. I also like that the links from Twitter are extracted. I’ve only been using it for about a month but all my twitter links, delicious links and blog posts are now in one searchable space 🙂

        I won’t make the meeting, it’s past my bedtime on a ‘school’ night ;-p

  5. I have used Netvibes in the past which is very like Pageflakes:

    • Chris Woodhouse says:

      Thanks Sarah. Will take a look. Might be interesting to compare with account that Lee’s set up.

  6. Marina says:

    the difference between pageflakes and netvibes is that with pageflakes you can read your gmail emails without login in This is the only method I found to read my emails from work, as everything else is blocked by firewall.

    With netvibes you can only read the subject, but for reading them you need to go to

  7. Chris Woodhouse says:

    Pageflakes is still down 😦
    I’ll have to find some time to develop the netvibes page.

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