When this course ran in 2008, one of the participants set up a web page on Pageflakes to bring all the students’ blogs together.  I’ve had a go for the 2011 group here.  There’s a “flake” for each blog page where I could find an RSS feed.  There’s one where I couldn’t, so I created a flake to add the URL (URI for the purists) for each such blog.

I also included a welcome piece, a message board (which seems to work as a stack – i.e. the most recent post appears at the top), and a flake of useful sites including a world time and date website.

At the moment, I’ve set the “Pagecast” (as Pageflakes calls it) as completely open, so anyone on the internet can fnd the page.  My idea is to let anyone on FO2011 have editing rights, but I’ll need email addresses to do that.  I wouldn’t suggest you add email addresses to this post, so if you want to email me (cw “at” cwoodhouse “dot” com), or send me an Instant Message via Skype (my Skype username is on the participants page of the course wiki) with your email address, I’ll add you to the list of editors for the FO2011 Pagecast

I’d also be interested to hear any views on whether the FO2011 Pagecast is OK to be kept public, or made private so only FO2011 participants can see it or edit it.  I’ll still need your email address to grant access if we end up changing it to private.


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5 Responses to Pageflakes

  1. Thanks for getting this under way, Chris. My main comments is we have newbies on the course, so you’ll have to explain what Pageflakes is at some stage…maybe you can do it this week in the live session you attend.

    • Chris Woodhouse says:

      Good point Sarah.

      I guess I’d describe Pageflakes as a simple webpage that you build in from a kit of form-based elements, called “flakes”. The resulting page is called a “Pagecast”. There are well over 200,000 flakes to choose from, so the flexibility is quite something.

  2. lee says:

    I didn’t know! I’ve had a look though, and I’ve already commented elsewhere that it’s a great idea. Thanks Chris. I’m really glad I read your blog post first because navigating is much easier with all the RSS feeds in one place 🙂

  3. Hi Chris

    Just wanted to know – how do you want to do our personal communication stuff? Do you fancy Skype calls? …I probably need to just check in with you every now and again to see how you are going. You are an experienced facilitator…what do you want to achieve this year and how can I support you to do that?

    • Chris Woodhouse says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Skype seems fine to me. If we’re using other tools which lend themselves to online chatting we can use them as and when – but let’s use whatever’s easiest so we don’t add to your already heavy workload.

      I’ll start a separate new post about what I want to achieve and what sort of help I think would assist.

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