Registration incentive

The fee levels for Facilitated Students and Formal Students have now been added to the course wiki.  Facilitated looks like a bargain at under £100 so I’m going to enrol at least at that level.  Considering Formal Student, which is less than £250.  I’m hoping that even just the cost of being a Facilitated Student will be an incentive to see the course through when “stuff” intervenes (as it’s bound to) and life gets busy.  Be interesting to see if anyone else registers as other than an Informal Student.

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6 Responses to Registration incentive

  1. Hi Chris, I am starting a research project looking at models of open education so hearing from you about how FO2011 works will be an important part of the process. As a matter of interest, there are very few people put their name down this year compared to last…I wonder if the fees are putting people off?

  2. chriswoodhouse says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I had noticed how few people had signed up so far, but I don’t know if the fees are the (only) reason. The fees detail hasn’t been on the wiki for very long (a few days?) so I think other factors are also playing a part. This course is starting at a different time of year from previous instances. Do you have any way of seeing how close to the start date people signed up last year or the year before? How does the advertising compare?

    And, of course, I’m very happy to contribute to your research project.

  3. Clarissa says:

    I’ve also just enrolled. Like your approach Chris, when life gets busy, I reckon raising the stakes can work! When I was looking for a motorbike, I really wanted a yellow one, so I bought a yellow helmet and then couldn’t back down or get side tracked . . . ha ha ha!

  4. chriswoodhouse says:

    Thanks Clarissa. And the yellow helmet sounds like a great move – did it work?

  5. Clarissa says:

    Yup, I professed love for my husband at my wedding, but also felt compelled to acknowledge that my longest relationship was actually with my motorbike 100 000+ kms 🙂 So who knows, this round of FO2011 could take you faaaaaar!

  6. Hi Chris

    I am a participant from Austria. I enroled as informal student. I have been thinking for quite a while about signing up as facilitated student. Actually, I am not quite sure. Maybe I’ll switch later, if possible.

    Now, I am preparing my computer for the first meeting – in Austria it’s midnight then, so I hope I’ll stay awake after a long, busy week.


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